The ALL NEW HTX kit from Roadsmith trikes: For the new 2018 Goldwing 1800’s

The team at UNB Customs has completed its first trike conversion on the all new automatic 2018 Goldwing 1800! This is an incredible machine.

This conversion was done for our friend Tommie. He came to us last year looking to convert his Goldwing to a trike using a Roadsmith independent suspension trike kit. He wanted to see one in person first so he met us at the Wing Ding event in Knoxville TN. Roadsmith had a blue HTX trike kit on display.

The kit was ordered and UNB Customs got to work on the trike conversion.

Disassembling the rear end of the motorcycle, the saddle bags, rear wheel / tire, exhaust mufflers, swing arm and drive shaft and getting ready to install the trike kit. Once the bike is prepped the trike kit is rolled on the lift to start the trike kit installation. Installation of the trike kit and all accessories and painting the trike body to match the bike takes between 5-10 business days.


While the kit is being installed the fiberglass body gets put into the paint booth to be painted to match. The front end is also modified at this time to allow for easier steering. The new HTX kit uses a whole new cast aluminum fork assembly to increase the rake of the bike to act as power steering.

Tommie’s Goldwing trike was completed adding a bunch of trike accessories to it. The wing guard running boards (weight bearing), chrome wheels, mudflaps, fork assembly and lights in the body.

One of the defining features of Roadsmith’s HTX kit is that it moves the tour pack up 1.5 inches and back 1.5 inches. Creating much needed additional room for passengers. This is a Roadsmith exclusive.


The other exclusive trike accessory design from Roadsmith is the front fork assembly. It is a one new cast aluminum piece. This allows for precision accuracy in production and installation.


The completed trike conversion is beautiful. The new automatic Goldwing 1800’s make an extremely impressive trike. These are some of the best trikes one the market!

Learn more about the Roadsmith HTX 1800 here.


Dave's Custom Hot Rod Food Truck Metro Van

Our friend Dave from D&M Vending bought a 1960 Metro Van he wanted to sell ice cream out of. He found one in Ohio and had it shipped to him in Concord, North Carolina.

The van he bought had the rustic outer appearance he wanted but he needed the van customized to be a reliable form of transportation for him. It was going to be a mobile hot rod food truck. Once we got the Metro here, Uwe and Kent got to work. They found a 1995 GMC work van to be the chassis, motor and transmission to provide a much more modern feeling drive and handling.

They began by removing all the interior panels and insulation from the original Metro body. They then prepped and removed the body from the GMC.

After a LOT of cutting and fitting they were able to install the Metro van body onto the new chassis. Other customization’s include fabricating mounts for new bumpers (and straightening / painting of those bumpers), LED lights, head lights, new wheels, wheel spacers and fitment, remote brake booster, custom fitment of the van’s A/C unit, ball joint renewals and brand new glass.

The seats required new mounts to be custom fabricated. The dash and windshield area was prepped and painted to give it a fresh look. The van seats, dash and console lined up nicely for a comfortable seating and driving experience.

After a lot of hard work Dave’s custom hot rod food truck Metro Van project came out amazing! Here are some pictures of the finished project. You can find him driving it around here in Concord North Carolina or at a car show!