You've Never Seen A Goldwing Trike Like This.

This is a one of a kind Goldwing Trike. We’ve never built one like this before, and we’re so excited with how it turned out and can’t wait to show you what we’ve done!

Moses came to us with a unique challenge. He wanted to build a Goldwing trike that had all the best options available. He wanted an independent rear suspension. The widest front end for better steering and longevity. He wanted a stereo that was LOUD and clear. Running boards. Chrome wheels, extra gas tank, chrome bumper, LED lighted mudflaps, and lots of chrome new and refreshed. He wanted the works. UNB Customs delivered.

This trike was built with a Roadsmith HTS 1800 independent suspension trike kit in the rear. It extends the wheelbase about 9” giving it an extremely smooth ride.

The Roadsmith trike conversion was completed with Wing Guard running boards (that you can stand on). Chrome rear wheels. Chrome fender trim. Lighted mudflaps. A Bumper. a 5 gallon auxiliary fuel tank. 6 cubic feet of trunk space, a drawbar/trailer hitch and trike cover. But all those are just the beginning.

What is really setting this Goldwing trike apart from the rest is the unique addition of Hannigan’s 180 Front End Package.

Hannigan’s 180 front end package is wider and raked out for much easier steering. The wider fork and tire system allows for longer tire life than the standard motorcycle front tire. Plus looks great with the rest of the trike.

The next unique challenge was how to incorporate a LOUD stereo into the trike that still sounded crisp.

UNB Customs was able to modify the trike body to allow 2 speakers directly into the trike body. An Amp and subwoofer into the trunk. And we replaced the bikes speakers with tweeters that are way above stock quality speakers! Topped off with custom grills.

After the custom stereo was completed we wanted to light it up! UNB Customs added LED lights all over the bike so it would stand out in the dark just as much as it did in the sun!

All of this came together for an amazing one of a kind Goldwing trike. Independent rear suspension with a 3 year 1,000,000 mile warranty. A new wider easier steering front end. Custom stereo in the the trike body. LED lights. Chrome. And no one else has one like it!

We can’t wait to see where Moses and his Goldwing go. Congratulations on your new ride!

Moses with custom goldwing trike
Custom Goldwing Trike.jpg