Uwe Wittkamp

Uwe is the owner of UNB Customs. His first trike conversion was in 1998 when he converted a Goldwing 1500 to a trike for his father and mother in law.

He got his start fabricating much earlier. He worked with his father black smithing making everything from statues to fountains to gates. He started working on his own car (a 1957 Chevy) as a kid before he could drive. He worked alongside his father in law fabricating and repairing cars until he moved down to North Carolina to work for Bill Elliot racing, which turned into Evernham racing years later. He spent nearly 20 years working there as a custom fabricator.


Kent Peckham

Kent got started working with UNB helping design our custom reverses for different trike kits and is now the lead mechanic on many of the projects we do. He got his start building and racing go karts and dirt modifieds in New York. He worked as an engineer for Kodak followed by race teams in New York and Canada before moving down to North Carolina to work for Nascar. He eventually moved over to Evernham’s where he met Uwe. He is still winning races today! Check out his team at