The Goldwing trikes are the most popular for a reason: comfort, power, reliability and style. We use the Roadsmith trike kits to convert the Goldwings to match the comfort, style, and reliability of your Goldwing. With the recent release of the HTS body style, we've never seen a more factory looking conversion. The independent suspension, longer wheelbase design of the Roadsmiths give you the most comfortable Goldwing trike. They also feature a 3 year - 1,000,000 mile warranty. They are that reliable. Using an automotive off the shelf differential, drive shaft, axles and 11" disc brakes, you can ride worry free. The trailer hitch and trunk carpeting come standard in every kit. The triple tree steering kits are the only option that we would strongly recommend everyone gets, as they change the angle of the wheel touching the ground since you are no longer leaning (it is all push / pull steering with a trike!) and it acts as "power steering". Other options are the running boards, which you can stand on, chrome wheels, bumpers, mud flaps and more. Scroll through the pictures below (Click any picture for a larger view) for some examples and ideas, and if you have any more specific questions feel free to call us at 704-489-0075.

For more detailed information on the kits and pricing, here are the manufacturer websites.



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