Dave's Custom Hot Rod Food Truck Metro Van

Our friend Dave from D&M Vending bought a 1960 Metro Van he wanted to sell ice cream out of. He found one in Ohio and had it shipped to him in Concord, North Carolina.

The van he bought had the rustic outer appearance he wanted but he needed the van customized to be a reliable form of transportation for him. It was going to be a mobile hot rod food truck. Once we got the Metro here, Uwe and Kent got to work. They found a 1995 GMC work van to be the chassis, motor and transmission to provide a much more modern feeling drive and handling.

They began by removing all the interior panels and insulation from the original Metro body. They then prepped and removed the body from the GMC.

After a LOT of cutting and fitting they were able to install the Metro van body onto the new chassis. Other customization’s include fabricating mounts for new bumpers (and straightening / painting of those bumpers), LED lights, head lights, new wheels, wheel spacers and fitment, remote brake booster, custom fitment of the van’s A/C unit, ball joint renewals and brand new glass.

The seats required new mounts to be custom fabricated. The dash and windshield area was prepped and painted to give it a fresh look. The van seats, dash and console lined up nicely for a comfortable seating and driving experience.

After a lot of hard work Dave’s custom hot rod food truck Metro Van project came out amazing! Here are some pictures of the finished project. You can find him driving it around here in Concord North Carolina or at a car show!

Testimony of unbelievable to class act - by our friend Bill Pierson

Let me begin, I was on the trip of a ( Trip of a Lifetime ) riding ...all Four Corners of the United, States with a throw in of Alaska...I’m riding a 2012 Goldwing with the conversion of CSC also pulling a trailer...UNB did a check up on the Freedom Bird along with a oil change and was given the green light to depart on my trip.

Left home on May 23 2018 for Key West Fla , then onto California, then onto Washington State and the long haul of the Alaska Highway begins...we arrive and enjoyed the state ....ok and now to depart back to the lower 48.

Here’s where my trip goes sour.....on way back I lost the rear end had plenty of horsepower but no wheels motion...After the mumble jumbo … I called back to UNB and greeted with friendly voices, even after my explanation of events, these folks kept there up beat ways.

Uwe and Diane were kind of enough to work with Trucking firm to receive my Freedom Bird and check over my dilemma ....long and short of this is these kind folks ....top notch for they repaired and modified my Freedom Bird from a total mess to resurrection of a New Freedom Bird #2. All this is in a short period of time.

I was able to continue my trip from Montana to Maine then back home....I was able to purchase a different trike in Montana so picked up a Harley Davidson Ultra Limited with a Roadsmith rearend with independent suspension , low mileage and upon my return they took over this Harley. Taking it to different Bike Shows from Tennessee to Florida, to try and sell. These folks work Every day with a smile and your personal interests in mind. Everyone is treated the same and once you roll in the first thing you see is a shop that is it’s super clean, a sign of professional works. 

These folks are super ...with in minutes your going to feel like you belong or adopted into a new Family.

After all this that I mentioned...I know your thinking about cost..$$$$, let me tell you .... I had a major redue and I walked away with a super smile of knowing everything was done properly and knowing I WILL Be Back.....and the best thing I still had my SHIRT!!!!

Here are a few pictures 



Bill Pierson 5.jpg

The Smith's Triumphant conversion

Triumph 1A.jpg

We first met Larry and Iris Smith when they came by the shop one day to have some work done on their 2012 Harley Ultra Limited Roadsmith trike. We fixed them up and they were on their way. A year or so later they returned for some service work and happened to notice a Triumph trike we had just completed. Sparking some interest in a new ride, Larry starting researching Triumphs. Not long after he showed up with a brand new bike and plans to have us custom install a Motor Trike Rocket III trike kit on his Triumph.

The Triumphs starting point

The Triumphs starting point

Like you and I, he was not satisfied with a stock motorcycle trike. Larry wanted to make it his own. Once we got started on installing the Motor Trike kit, he began coming up with ideas to customize his new trike. Some of the major customization requests were a fairing, not available from Triumph. A tour pack for additional luggage and more comfortable seating, not available from Triumph. Running boards, not available from Motor Trike. And a custom two tone paint job.

Triumph 1.jpg

Uwe and Kent got to work making these happen. First finding a fairing that would fit over both headlights and on the forks. Then finding a tour pack that looked good and making a mount to hold it, and finally modifying the body so it sits looking good and functional. We then got to work on the running boards. Modifying a pair to fit both on a new body and motorcycle as well as the support brackets to hold them.

Triumph 7.JPG

After the fitment came the custom paint. Two tone yellow and black to really make this trike pop.

Triumph 8.JPG

Larry and Iris plans to travel long distances on the trike led them to purchase a pull behind motorcycle trailer. We all know it had to look as good as the trike. So UNB got to work painting that to match the trike.

Triumph Trailer 3.jpg

The Triumph trike was a hit in Daytona Bike Week since no one had seen one like this before!

Larry and Iris’s Triumph Rocket III trike is amazing and one of a kind. We put in a lot of work to make it exactly how they wanted it and couldn’t be happier about how it turned out. Enjoy it for many many miles!

Larry and Iris with the completed Triumph Rocket III

Larry and Iris with the completed Triumph Rocket III